How to replace an old PC with a new one in 2022

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Last updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to studies, computer card problems often shorten the life of our computers by at least 5 to 10 years.

The Iobit family of PC-related software is really all over the place. Among them, there are good uninstall software wizards, cleaning wizards that you want. It can make the computer that is about to be replaced into a brand new one and make you love it as much as you did when you first bought it.

IObit is a series of software such as Advanced SystemCare (optimization and cleaning), Driver Booster (driver update), and IObit Uninstaller (uninstall and clean), each with its own effectiveness. Here we will mainly introduce you to Advanced SystemCare and IObit Uninstaller, which are the two most frequently used in daily life after all.

PC Cleaner - Advanced SystemCare

PC junk cleaner is a kind of software that can help you to clean your computer junk well and fast, with the feature of scanning safely and quickly, finding effective information and cleaning up, this kind of software collects windows cleaning tools, Cq junk cleaning tools and so on, it provides such as registry cleaning, disk file cleaning, browser temporary files and other programs cleaning, shortcut cleaning.

Advanced SystemCare provides four main functions of Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Quick Optimize and Common Tools entry through a more intuitive and stylish interface, which can meet the daily system maintenance needs of all users. At the same time, the new version provides more than ten different styles of skins to change, which can meet the aesthetic needs of different user groups. Want to know where the bottlenecks that limit your system performance tips are? Do you want to optimize for these problems? Try Advanced WindowsCare.

It finds the bottlenecks in the system performance by diagnosing the system in all aspects and displays the test results. All you need to do is select the “Repair” command and click the “Go” button to launch the software’s intelligent repair function.

It also has a spyware and malware scan and removal function that can also wipe your private information from your computer. Advanced WindowsCare Personal has been renamed to Advanced SystemCare and is free for personal use.


  • One click to scan and fix problems If you are looking for a new way to use your Windows system, you will be able to use it as a tool for your Windows system. Advanced SystemCare provides one-click scanning and repairing functions for more than ten kinds of computer problems. You only need to check the maintenance module to solve the problem, and then click [Scan]… Wait for the scan to finish, and then click [Repair] to easily fix the problem with one click.
  • Bootup speed, performance optimization When the computer comes of age, many unnecessary programs, useless files, registry error logs, and redundant window effects make the system run slower and slower. Many users have been suffering from several minutes to start the computer. The Advanced SystemCare module provides four optimizations to help you clean up junk files in your computer and free up more disk space; optimize the registry, defragment and delete all useless applications.
  • All-in-One Toolbox Advanced SystemCare not only provides one-click maintenance and accelerated optimization functions, but also integrates an all-purpose [Toolbox]. Including security repair, system optimization, and system cleaning three categories, with IObit’s own portfolio of more than 20 gadgets. What’s more, all these gadgets are free to use.

Common Problems

  1. System Repair. common system errors in Windows are often caused by incorrect operation or configuration, and manual repair takes a long time to check. The Advanced SystemCare system repair tool scans to detect and repair these problems.
  2. Network acceleration. TPC optimizes and adjusts the browser’s internal parameters to make the browser get faster web browsing speed and responsiveness under the condition that better suits your network condition.
  3. Duplicate file finding. Find files with the same name or the same content on your computer, providing three comparison algorithms: File Name & File Size, MD5, Byte-to-Byte. If you often have multiple copies of a file on your computer, then Duplicate File Finder can help you find those copies of files on your computer with one click, which is definitely a great tool for organizing your files and cleaning up your hard disk space.

Uninstaller - IObit Uninstaller

If you also have stubborn software that you can’t uninstall or delete, which affects the speed of your computer, then this is the best tool to cure all kinds of unclean uninstallation, tested and useful.

IObit Uninstaller is an enhancement of Advanced SystemCare, after all, sometimes you will encounter rogue software that you can’t uninstall or software that is installed with bundles, and that’s when IObit Uninstaller will come into play. In addition, it can also manage UWP apps in Windows 10, which is very powerful.

IObit Uninstaller is a similar Windows add/remove program, which is small, powerful, fast, and reliable. … IObit Uninstaller is a powerful software that can effectively replace the uninstall function that comes with Windows. With it, you can completely uninstall unwanted software without leaving any information about the software and without causing a system crash.

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