5 Best tools to Convert Images to Text in 2024

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Last updated: Jul 19, 2024

5 Best tools to Convert Images to Text

What is an image-to-text converter tool?

An image-to-text converter tool has become the need of writers in this day and age. These tools very easily extract the text from images and save a lot of time that is spent typing the text manually from the images.

The creation of this converter tool is a huge blessing for writers. Their work is firmly influenced by this tool as they can conserve a lot of time and struggle. This tool will be very useful in 2022 for the writers. They have the additional option of editing the text as well.

How do image-to-text converter tools work?

There are three mandatory steps in this process.

  • Scanning

    It is the very first element of this process. It helps you with the scanning and understanding of the tool. It informs you of all the processes that are happening. This component scans the image before converting it into text form.

  • NLP Elements

    It refers to natural language processing. For today’s writers, this component is very important for scanning. With the support of this component, the machines can access human language. Moreover, it helps to convert back the machine language to human-readable language.

  • Editable Text

    This is the third and last element of this process. It helps to edit the convert. With this component, you can edit the results. You can manually copy the outcome, add to the clipboard and save it to the file. The formats can be TXT or DOCX.

These OCR tools are very reliable, and credible. You can easily transform your data from images into text or from PDF into Word format.

It all depends on your usage. These are the best creations for the writers. These tools made the life of the writers smooth.

The best 5 online OCR tools

Prepostseo Image to Text Converter

Prepostseo: 5 Best tools to Convert Images to Text

This tool is always available to help its users with its amazing and unlimited qualities. It made the life of every writer much easier by converting their image to text.

Some pros and cons of Prepostseo are:


The format

The data can be converted from images to any format. It is your choice. After converting the image to text, you can make the file in word, pdf, etc. format. Whatever works for you.

Access to many languages

We can get the result in the language of our choice. It completely depends on our requirements. We can translate it into other languages.

Low-resolution input and authentic output

If your images or input is not in a good situation it is fine. This tool converts the low-resolution images and the blur images as well. It can handle it decently. Before converting the text, it clarifies the image as much as possible to get accurate results.

Secure and safe tool

On this tool, your images and results are both equally secured. Your data can never be shared with a third party. After conversion, it is permanently deleted from the website.

Easily Accessible

This tool is conveniently available for everyone. All the users of small and big devices can use it without any difficulty. These tools can be used all over the world. The outcomes can be downloaded easily. Moreover, the results are editable as well.



The free has ads on their website. It can distract you while working. To get rid of this, you can use the premium version. It is free of advertising. How can we convert images to text?

  • Upload your file or image in the input box.
  • You can use the crop image option as well.
  • Press the submit option on the tool.
  • your result will be right there.
  • You can convert data into another language as well. Click on the language button to choose.


DocSumo: 5 Best tools to Convert Images to Text

The heavy and multiple images can be converted into text with this tool. It is more reliable if your data is huge or heavy. It can work wonderfully and rapidly.

It is an online OCR tool that has helped millions of its users. After giving the input, it will give you the time in how many minutes your conversion will be done. It doesn’t waste your time and gives you the output in the exact given time.

It can help make the receipt of the bills from storing the data in a computer to getting invoices. It is very helpful for business purposes.

The pros and cons. of DocSumo are:


  • The accuracy rate of the result is up to 97%.
  • You can convert a few lines or paragraphs if you don’t want the whole image.
  • It can be more useful for small businesses and freelancers.
  • It works more rapidly than any human.
  • It has the amazing feature of editing.


  • You have to work on the browser only. There is no application of this tool.


OCR: 5 Best tools to Convert Images to Text

The abbreviation stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is an online image-to-text converter that is free to use. There will be no mistakes and errors in the conversion. It works very finely. You can install it on your device to get its benefits. Upload the image in the input box and get your results.

Some features of OCR.best are:

  • one can easily add or remove their file.
  • It gives you the opportunity of editing the results.
  • It works smoothly, rapidly, and efficiently.
  • There is no daily limit or restrictions.
  • Images can be in any format.
  • The results can either be downloaded or copied directly. It depends on the users.

Working of OCR.best

Let’s discuss how you can convert your image into text form.

  • Place or upload the image or notes in the input field.
  • You need to verify the reCAPTCHA.
  • Click on the given option.
  • You’ll get the results in a few seconds
  • To save the output, save or copy it.


Imagetotext: 5 Best tools to Convert Images to Text

It is a simple and steady online tool for converting Images into text. It uses the latest ICR and IWR to work. This website is very precise to use. The colour tints help you to work better and longer. It helps to stay awake at night if you’re working late. You can copy, upload or drag your data into the input field.

You need to verify once that you’re a human. Eventually, it will only take a few seconds to give you the output.

Both options are available. Either download and save your output or copy it directly.

You can do more than one document. If you’re in a hurry, this tool is great for you. The tool is beautifully designed and works rapidly.

Search Engine Reports.net

It is much more lenient to use than others. The outstanding features of this converter are

  • It can convert text to any format. Even the input image can be in any format.
  • It increases the productivity of the user by saving his time and energy.
  • The amazing feature is that it can recognize multilingual text easily.
  • You can convert as many images as you want.
  • There is no need for installation. You can use it on the browser.
  • Your data will be completely safe and secure. This tool ensures the result’s authentication.

Which tool is the best?

It is not complicated to find the best tool. Look at their characteristics and select the most suitable tool according to your needs.

Features to look into a tool before using one

There are many different tools with a variety of features. Most of them are free to use and some are paid. Before finalizing any tool, look at their input format and the outcomes format as well.

  • Before finalizing the right tool, check if it is a free or a paid tool. If it is a paid tool, the features are worthy enough to pay that amount.
  • Most tools allow you to convert the images one by one. While some tools allow more than one image. Your time can be saved by converting more than one image at a time.
  • The tool must be able to get the results from the blur images or the low-resolution images. It cannot be negotiated.
  • If the image is the handwritten data, the tool must have the feature to transform it into the text format carefully.
  • There must be no chances of mistakes. This feature is unique and not easily available on all the OCR tools. Keep this in your mind, before selecting the tool.
  • This is the era of screenshots. Everyone with their smartphone takes screenshots to save or collect data. This characteristic is a must-have for the OCR tools.
  • This tool plays an important role as you can edit the text from the screenshot as well. OCR Tool with this feature is no less than a blessing for the users.


This is the best solution for all the users who are tired of doing it manually. These OCR tools made the life of writers, businessmen, freelancers, marketers, professors, etc easier and trouble-free. They can use such tools for their billing system and save a lot of their time and energy. It is a reliable and convenient tool. It can be used to edit your screenshots and other important information.

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