Magic Sales Bot: A GPT-3 powered cold email generator for your B2B sales in 2024

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Last updated: Jul 19, 2024

From a long time, sales tools are always about “the quantity”. You need to send out the emails or dials per hour to all the potential customers faster and try hard to convert them. Sales jobs are tough. Salespersons are annoyed, hated, burned out, and may not reach their targets due to all the manual interventions.

Email is one of the most efficient marketing strategies that have a better conversion rate. Cold email is a part of every salesperson job and it takes up a lot of hours because you need to gather information from different sources to form an efficient email that converts. And it’s driven manually for a long time. With this approach, it’s difficult to scale. You may end up creating a low-quality email with low conversion rates.

It’s high time to switch your focus towards creating high-quality emails in a much better, faster and in a scalable way.


Magic Sales Bot

Magic Sales Bot - Write sales emails 10x faster with GPT-3 | Product Hunt

Magic Sales Bot: A GPT-3 powered cold email generator, built for professional salespersons by a salesperson for your B2B sales. Write tailored & personalized cold emails 10x faster using AI. Data from Clearbit, Skrapp, and Linkedin helps to generate emails, tailored to companies, industries, and even have the context of recent news.

Your salesperson can now have an X factor. Magic Sales Bot requires a few basic set of inputs, to find your potential leads. And in the next few minutes, you will have the artificial intelligence salesperson that lets you create highly personalized sales emails for your product/service.

When your leads receive these emails, it’ll have the same human touch like before but now it’s generated by AI. It does so by grabbing information about your business and your potential customers. The tool gives you all the potential customers emails via Linkedin. Once you have the potential customers, you need to create unique emails for each one of them. No worries. Generate as many sales emails as you need. Easy.

Ending Note

Magic Sales Bot is a great tool for writing better, efficient and targetted emails. It saves you from all the manual efforts. You can scale fast without having to hire more people. Scale the potential of your cold emails by 10X which is personalized and relevant to your potential customers.

Sales jobs are tough. Start writing using AI with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

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