The Top 100 Best Destinations For Remote Workers Around The World in 2024

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Last updated: Jul 19, 2024

The workers of the world are no longer constrained by borders. With a laptop and an internet connection, professionals can build careers from wherever they choose. The ability to travel, relocate, and explore is not limited to digital nomads — everyone, from big families to solo freelancers, has a place in the new world of work.

the 100 best destinations for remote workers around the world

For a long time, workers were restricted to living near major urban hubs if they wanted to access the best job opportunities. The freedom to work from anywhere opens the door for employees to choose their home – or travel – without compromising their work.

With so many possibilities, where are remote workers to go? To answer that question, we have identified The 100 Best Destinations for Remote Work: an analysis of locations from every country in the world to determine the best places to work remotely. Prefer somewhere with:

  • great remote work incentives?
  • Top-tier infrastructure?
  • Local attractions?

Whatever you love, the perfect destination is waiting. Some of these destinations will surprise you. Some will inspire you. Whether you are a seasoned remote worker or someone who has just begun to explore the possibilities ahead, The Best Destinations for Remote Work is here to help you find new places to belong.

the 100 best destinations for remote workers around the world 2


1. Internet infrastructure

Internet infrastructure is represented by fixed broadband connection download speeds.

2. Attractiveness

Attractiveness refers to a destination’s draw on visitors, which may include natural, urban, cultural, and any other type of attraction. For example, the Maldives may be attractive for its beaches; New York may be attractive for its big-city life; and Italy may be attractive for its cultural heritage.

3. Openness

Openness reflects a societal willingness to accept the other, as well as a degree of government transparency.

4. Quality of life

Quality of life reflects a multitude of components that are summarized by the happiness of residents. As happiness measures are only observed subjectively through surveys, they are augmented with other objective information (e.g., air pollution).

5. Incentives for remote workers

Incentives for remote workers include special types of visas, financial incentives, tax incentives, and other measures and regulations destinations have implemented to actively attract remote workers.

6. Cost of living

Cost of living reflects price levels in different destinations, particularly housing costs.

7. Safety

Safety reflects civic safety, primarily with respect to local crime rates.

Key Findings

1. Of the top 10 best destinations:

  • None are in the U.S
  • Six are in European countries
  • Two are in Oceania

2. Lowest cost of living among the top 20 destinations:

Madeira, Portugal; Valparaiso, Chile; and Bucharest, Romania

3. Destinations with the best quality of life:

Auckland, New Zealand; Honolulu, Hawaii; Sydney, Australia; and Reykjavik, Iceland

4. The most open-minded places:

Stockholm, Sweden; Toronto, Canada; and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

5. Most attractive places to live:

Honolulu, Hawaii; Vienna, Austria; Madrid, Spain; Athens, Greece; Miami and Las Vegas

6. Destinations with remote work incentives:

44 countries and 24 U.S. states currently have special remote work incentives in the form of digital nomad visas, tax incentives, relocation payments, housing incentives, and more.

The Top 100 Destinations for Remote Work 🥁

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  1. Canada, Toronto

    The capital of Ontario, Toronto checks all the boxes for remote workers. Toronto consistently makes global lists of top cities for safety, quality of life, things to do, and economic growth. Around half of Toronto's residents were born outside Canada, which makes the city one of the world's most welcoming for international transplants. Whether you love nature, crave the nightlife, or seek a great place to raise a family, Toronto has everything you need to thrive — for a month, a year, or a lifetime.

  2. Spain, Madrid

    Madrid offers the perfect combination of classical art, architecture, and cuisine, along with the ideal conditions for a remote worker visiting Spain. Nestled between the Guadarrama Mountains and the rivers of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid is famous for its mix of medieval romance and modern sophistication. Breathtaking scenery, galleries, restaurants, cafes and a flourishing nightlife keep this city of 3 million abuzz longer than you can stay awake. The Madrileño have a religious adoration of football, with the city home to powerhouse clubs Athletico and Real Madrid. No matter how long you’re looking to stay, Madrid is ever-welcoming, thanks to low taxes and generous expat visa options targeted at freelancers and remote workers.

  3. New Zealand, Auckland

    Auckland is famous for its Neo-Renaissance architecture, breathtaking views, and the world’s most intimidating rugby arena, the famous All Blacks’ fortress of Eden Park. Auckland offers everything a remote worker would need to fit right in: lightning-fast internet speeds, a gallery of coworking spaces, and round-the-year networking get-togethers. Most importantly, Aucklanders are known for their perennially cheerful, jovial, and casual style. The suburb of Ponsonby is known as a hub for creatives, startups, hipsters, and the cream of New Zealand’s famous cafe culture. For the most part, if you’re visiting from the Western Hemisphere, you can either access Auckland visa-free or acquire a holiday visa on arrival which would authorize you to work without restriction.

  4. Portugal, Madeira

    Many places can boast a culture built around gastronomy, but few — like Madeira — ever attain the honor of having both a brand of wine and a cake named after them! Beyond the happy glasses, the mountainous archipelago of Madeira is a popular tourist haven, famous for its subtropical beaches, the world’s largest annual fireworks display, bailinho da Madeira, (Madeira’s unique style of ballet), exotic resorts ranked the best across Europe, flamboyant carnivals, and pristine biodiversity. For remote workers and internationals, Madeira offers competitive tax rates, generous residency options, coworking and living spaces built with digital nomads in mind, and a burgeoning startup community.

  5. Finland, Helsinki

    At the center of the world’s happiest nation, Helsinki combines all of Finland and Scandinavia’s charm into a beautifully livable city for any remote worker. The unique arctic landscape seems in sync with the unique mix of ultra-modern and neoclassical architecture standing side-by-side. The cultural rituals of sizzling saunas and chilling icey swims point to Helsinki’s ethos of healthy living.The Land of the Midnight Sun stays awake after the sun goes down with the rich flavor of night markets, skiing, skating, and the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Digital nomads looking to relocate can experience Helsinki for 90-days before committing, complete with a relocation concierge, daycare, and pre-planned housing - all for free.

  6. Norway, Svalbard

    Rugged, remote, and icy, Svalbard is one of few European destinations that still holds a sense of mystique. The archipelago has a strong cultural history dating back to the 17th century, and remote workers and digital nomads visiting Svalbard will find there’s a lot to see. The Global Seed Vault and both the Svalbard and North Pole museums of Arctic history are good starting points, but the unique natural beauty of the landscape is the real star. The town of 2,500 offers coworking spaces, strong internet, and Baltic-inspired cuisine. Beyond the high street, you’ll find reindeers, huskies, and even polar bears. Norway offers digital nomads a lifetime visa, so you can relive the Svalbard experience as often as you want to.

  7. Germany, Berlin

    Berlin is a captivating mixture of vibrant multiculturalism and a rich historical past. On one hand, this is a seasoned classical city, complete with operas, orchestras, and baroque buildings. On the other, Berlin is an epicenter for European startups and technology innovation. Berlin’s myriad galleries are filled with invaluable treasures for art lovers. Enjoy the pristine parks or the famed Grunewald, Tegel, or Spandau forests by day before indulging in the nightlife of bars, clubs, and live music venues. For the undecided, freelance visas last for three months, after which you can opt for the freelancer friendly three-year residency permit.

  8. Chile, Valparaiso

    Once you scratch the surface of this South American gem, you’ll find a safe, temperate, and affordable experience. Valparaiso has surprisingly distinct seasons, with dry summers and genuinely cold winters. The city feels like a big town with just over 300,000 residents. The stunning street art is its calling card, and the laid-back vibe is bolstered by a strong surf culture with beautiful beaches perfect for board-riding beginners. For those freelancers after a slower pace of living and a more European-style climate, Valparaiso must be high on the list.

  9. Ireland, Dublin

    With a rich history spanning over 13 centuries, modern Dublin is a fascinating mix of old and new. The city has a vibrant remote work scene and a strong European tech industry. Finanicial and legal services professionals will find plenty of opportunities but the city is also welcoming to creatives and freelancers looking for a new challenge. The Irish capital still boasts a fun-loving soul with rich nightlife fueled by beautiful pubs and live Irish music. Living in Dublin proper can be expensive, but opportunities are many and quality of life is high.

  10. Australia, Sydney

    Sydney is a top choice for digital nomads and expats alike. And it’s no wonder. It’s natural beauty, laid-back lifestyle, and ideal climate make for a very high quality of life. From the iconic opera house to the pristine beaches, you’ll never want for something to visit, something to do, or something to eat. This is also one of the few cities where commuters can use ferries for quick trips to and from work and play. The cost of living is high for renters, and groceries don't come cheap. But if you can afford it, you'll find it hard to resist the addictive charms of Sydney's breathtaking beaches just 15 minutes from the harborside city center.

  11. USA, Salt Lake City, Utah

    Salt Lake City has a lot to offer digital nomads and long-term remote workers alike. Internet speeds and coworking spaces abound. Public transportation makes it easy to get around without a car. And the natural beauty of Utah is undeniable. You’ll find easy access to skiing, mountain biking, and other outdoor sports. Of course, along with skiing comes a lot of snow. Salt Lake City is less expensive than similar cities in the U.S. as well. While housing prices are high, although you can still find a reasonably-priced apartment.

  12. Sweden, Stockholm

    Stockholm gets a lot of attention for its frigid winters, but its summers are long and lovely, giving you ample opportunity to enjoy its wonderful outdoor spaces. Its progressive culture makes it one of the best cities for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s also very safe and clean. Stockholm's people are accepting but may come off as reserved to people from more expressive cultures. Pretty much everyone speaks English, making communication a breeze for English-speaking expats and visitors. The cost of living is high, but the quality of life matches.

  13. Malta, Valletta

    Malta offers a digital nomad visa that allows an entrepreneur or remote worker to reside and work in Malta from six months to a year. Malta also offers a global residency program with an attractively low flat tax of 15% on remitted income. Malta’s capital combines a unique mix of Italian, British, and Meditteranean influences. The mix of old and modern architecture paints the stunning coastline of this beautiful port city. You’ll find an abundance of medieval palaces, gardens, antique cathedrals and castles. Valletta will delight your palate with bragioli, kannli, and sausages, washed down with wine with 2,000 years of history. When you’re ready to focus on work, you can step into beast mode with lightning-fast internet available across various coworking spaces and a thriving digital nomad scene.

  14. Romania, Bucharest

    Romanians love to live large, and Bucharest is the perfect representation of a culture built for loud, boisterous fun. The traffic is dense, the music is loud, and the nightlife is legendary. Strips of bars, restaurants, and cafes dominate big portions of the old town to lure in tourists and locals alike, yet Bucharest is overwhelmingly safe and welcoming for outsiders. For freelancers, living is affordable and rentals are cheap. The city keeps the gate to the beauty of Romania's beaches, mountains, and lakes. Bucharest is gritty, dirty, edgy, and not quite a culinary capital, but you’ll definitely find a good time.

  15. Denmark, Copenhagen

    Copenhagen is easily accessible to EU residents, who are free to move between Schengen countries. Individuals are required to apply for residency after three months, but active job seekers don't have to apply for this until six months after arrival. A high cost of living and a competitive housing market can make it difficult for new arrivals though. If you decide to try Copenhagen, bring your bike! Almost half of commuters in this city get around by bicycle. Digital nomads will feel at home in the plentiful coworking spaces.

  16. Austria, Vienna

    If you’re looking for a livable city, look no further than Vienna. One of the wealthiest cities in the EU, Vienna is rich in cultural history without being too hard on your wallet. You can walk the same streets as Beethoven and Mozart and head home to apartments that are very affordable compared to other European cities. This beautiful location also ranks highly for safety, education, and healthcare. Like many cities, prices are on the rise in Vienna, and the long winters may deter some expats. But this location gives you easy access to all that Europe has to offer.

  17. USA, Boston, Massachusetts

    Home to the Red Sox and fanatical sports superfans, Boston promises a slice of the old-fashioned East Coast Americana. Beyond the cliches of Fenway Park hot dogs and beer, foodies can taste some of the best lobster rolls, fried clams, and seafood chowder in the world. If you’re more into the art, Boston is crisscrossed with museums and galleries with works by Picasso, Revere, and Novak. Harvard and MIT have produced many of the world’s best minds for five centuries. The remote work scene is strong and established, with a multitude of coworking spaces, independent coffee shops, and meetups for networking and knowledge sharing.

  18. USA, Denver, Colorado

    With 300 days of sunshine a year, a walkable city layout, and majestic views of the Rockies, it’s little wonder Denver has been named one of the best places to live in America. Nature lovers can lose themselves in any one of Denver’s 200 parks, hike up the Rockies, or bike through any of the city’s challenging trails. Denver’s coffee scene and craft beer culture give a great vibe to the city, and broadband speeds are double the global average. Remote workers are flocking to the Mile High City for the balance of work and play that Colorado provides.

  19. Iceland, Reykjavík

    The world’s northernmost capital is a progressive city welcoming digital nomads. However, the rental market is small and competitive, and rents and housing costs are high. Glaciers cover 11% of Iceland, so living in Reykjavik guarantees amazing views and abundant outdoor options. The “Work in Iceland” visa allows non-EU foreign citizens (and families) who do not require a visa to travel to Iceland to work remotely for up to six months with no Iceland taxes. You will need proof of remote employment or self- employment and a monthly income of $7360 (or $10,000 for a couple). Reykjavik promises a thrill for those brave enough to handle the extremes of the Iceland's climate. Apart from the endless natural beauty to explore, you'll also find a top notch food scene, steaming saunas, a flourishing art culture, and popular music festivals.

  20. USA, Concord, New Hampshire

    On the East Coast of the US, Concord is the very definition of New England. New Hampshire locals are known for their motto, “Live Free or Die,” reflected in the state's 0% income tax. If you’re into politics, NH gets a lot of attention from US candidates. Concord ofers a small-town feel and slower pace of life, but its location on the east coast gives you access to big cities like New York and Boston in addition to quaint historical small towns nearby. Concord experiences all four seasons, but fall is king. People come from all over just to see the autumn colors.

  21. USA, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    This City of Lakes in the Land of 10,000 Lakes on the banks of the Mississippi River offers ample opportunity for outdoor activity. Expect the full range of seasons including hot summers and cold winters. The onetime home of Prince, Minneapolis boasts a thriving music, bar and restaurant scene. Public transportation is reliable, and internet speeds and coworking spaces are plentiful, but the housing market is competitive. Although the winters can be brutal, downtown offers more than two miles of indoor elevated walkways, and the locals are known for their politeness.

  22. Taiwan, Taipei

    Taipei welcomes digital nomads with the Taiwan Gold Card. This 4-in-1 visa is a work permit, resident visa, alien resident certificate, and a re-entry permit. You’ll find a thriving expat community, access to fast internet, and plentiful co-working spaces. This city also offers top-notch public transportation and lots of cultural and outdoor activities. Taipei is also friendly to the LGBTQ+ community. While the cost of living is higher than other locations in Asia, it’s still lower than most Western countries. Taipei ranks consistently high on lists of best cities for digital nomads

  23. Estonia, Tallinn

    Located on the Baltic Sea, Estonia’s capital city of Tallinn retains much of its old world charm, including the walled Old Town and towering Gothic Town Hall. But the city also has its feet firmly planted in modern technology. It’s quite open to foreigners, and you’ll find a good amount of English spoken, especially in the tourist areas. Low tax rates draw in business and expats aplenty. While you can enjoy the nightlife in the town center, the city is quiet outside of those areas. This seaside town tends to be breezy and the winters can be quite cold, so bring your layers.

  24. USA, Miami, Florida

    It’s hard to beat the miles of beach and vibrant nightlife in Miami, Florida. Living here feels like you’re always on vacation. Of course, that vacation vibe also comes with a vacation price tag. Rents in Miami are high, so you might want to consider a more affordable area on the north side. Some of the expense is offset by a 0% state income tax. If you’re coming from abroad, it can be tough to get a work visa, and the availability of tourist visas depends on your country of origin. But if you can make it work, the beauty and diversity of Miami are worth it.

  25. Netherlands, Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is a popular choice for digital nomads. You'll feel right at home in a country whose citizens are 11% immigrants. The Dutch people are welcoming and progressive. There are plenty of English speakers in this European capital. Like other capital cities, you’ll also find plenty of history and culture. Plus, the Netherlands allows working holiday visas to Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand nationals between 18 and 30 years old through the Select Holiday Visa. Amsterdam is highly walkable, but locals find themselves more at home on their bicycles.

  26. USA, Portland, Maine

    Some people might call this city the “Other Portland,” but this East Coast locale ranks high on many best places to live lists. Immigrant populations have increased diversity of a traditionally hard-to-reach region, so international visitors may feel more at home here than in the rest of Maine. Housing costs are on the rise in this coastal town but are still below the national average. Be ready for foggy, damp weather all year with cold, snowy winters. Maine offers a minimum $373 tax credit (up to $15,660) to college graduates who live in the state, which is a nice incentive to embrace coastal living.

  27. USA, Montpelier, Vermont

    Montpelier, Vermont might not be the first place you think of relocating. But as an extra incentive, Vermont has a grant program that offers up to $5,000 in funds for remote workers moving to Montpelier (each year for two years = $10,000). This New England capital city is one of the least densely-packed state capitals but does offer fine dining, culture, and other advantages. Vermont is a progressive state, although it doesn’t rank high for diversity. You’ll experience the full range of seasons, so be ready for some cold snowy days in the winter.

  28. USA, Jackson, Wyoming

    Located in the Jackson Hole Valley, Jackson is the area’s resort hub. If you’re into skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking, this is your place. Jackson is a popular tourist destination for all kinds of people, including celebrities. Jackson has been named one of the best mountain destinations for digital nomads. It offers fast internet and ample coworking spaces. However, the cost of living here can be quite high, especially compared to the rest of the state. But the 0% state income tax rate does offset higher housing and food prices.

  29. Czech Republic, Prague

    Prague is an attractive destination for digital nomads. World-class public transportation at very reasonable prices can get you from the city center to the end of the line in 20 minutes. Historic attractions like Prague Castle exist alongside lovely parks and, of course, beer gardens. A large and active expat community means the answers to your questions are just a post away. And you will have questions. The language can be difficult and the bureaucracy is intense. Prague's cost of living is reasonable compared to other European cities but much higher than the rest of the Czech Republic.

  30. USA, Seattle, Washington

    The birthplace of grunge music, Seattle retains its thriving music scene. The Emerald City offers amazing mountain views in every direction: the Olympics, Cascades, and Mt. Rainier are all right there. Of course, Seattle is also known for its rainy days. Typically cloudy with mild winters and temperate summers, the climate has become more unpredictable in recent years. But if you’re looking for a vibrant digital nomad scene, look no further. Seattle is a tech hub (Microsoft, anyone?) filled with opportunity. However, you’ll find a high cost of living, higher than average crime rates, and lots of traffic. Like other locations on this list, Seattle's high cost of living is partially offset by 0% state tax.

  31. USA, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Surprised? Sioux Falls is a smaller city in the American midwest. Residents enjoy high quality of life alongside a low cost of living and no state income tax. Although far from the coasts, this town offers access to one of the country’s most stunning natural wonders: Badlands National Park. Even if you don’t leave town, though, you can enjoy the outdoors at the city’s namesake waterfall. Digital nomads will find fast internet and coworking options. Midwest residents are kind and generous, but South Dakota's government is not as progressive as some other areas on this list.

  32. USA, Des Moines, Iowa

    Located deep in the American midwest, Des Moines offers a slower pace of living with all the convenience of city life. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, Des Moines is a great option. Housing costs are very reasonable, and you’ll find plenty of breweries and restaurants: they just won’t be open until all hours. Des Moines also offers ample bike trails along its namesake river for the outdoorsy types. The state of Iowa is mostly flat farmland, so you won't find much to do beyond the city without a long drive, and the state's politics lean conservative.

  33. USA, Tucson, Arizona

    Tucson is a top destination for remote workers in the United States, due in part to the Remote Tucson award. Successful applicants receive relocation costs, internet costs, as well as housing support, totaling around $7500. With a cost of living 8% below the national average, this city attracts a lot of workers. Tucson's appeal is reinforced by a revitalized city center with a vibrant arts scene. Warm winters are a nice break for anyone from cold climates. This desert city offers numerous opportunities for outdoor adventures and breathtaking sights.

  34. USA, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas is a major tourist destination for people from across the globe, but it’s emerging as a hotspot for remote workers as well. Vegas is basically a giant playground in the desert with countless hotels, casinos, and attractions. The city also boasts an amazing restaurant scene, whether you’re looking for food trucks or high-class dining. For digital nomads, Vegas offers reliable internet and an array of co-working spaces. With no state income tax, you’ll keep more of your paycheck. Las Vegas can get hot in the summers, and living in a tourist destination might not be for everyone. Pick the right neighborhood and pack some light clothes, though, and you'll have a great time.

  35. USA, Topeka, Kansas

    Kansas famously offers remote workers $10,000 in incentives to help cover the costs of renting or buying. That’s a good deal in addition to Topeka’s already low cost of living. The city’s small-town friendliness is appealing to newcomers, and despite the small size, this place has plenty of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops — and you won’t wait in traffic trying to get there. Enjoy Lake Shawnee right in town for recreation. You’ll experience all four seasons in the middle of America's heartland.

  36. USA, Ontario, Oregon

    Thought this would be Portland? This small city lies along the Oregon/Idaho border. While it may not seem like an obvious choice for a remote worker, Ontario offers a big incentive. The Ontario Construction Award provides $10,000 in cash toward new home construction for people moving to town. That goes a long way here, since the cost of living and housing is low. Ontario has a suburban feel and living space is ample. It is a smaller city with just over 10,000 residents, and for its size, crime and poverty rates are higher than average. That said, Ontario, Oregon has many safe and welcoming neighborhoods for transplants.

  37. Cyprus, Paphos

    The Cypriot seaside is legendary among Europeans tourists, but the tax rate (or lack of it) is what lures so many remote workers to this dreamy island destination. The sun is hot, the coffee is strong, and the internet is reliable. Cost of living is a huge draw, and you'll have next to no worries getting set up in Paphos. The city feels more like a town and provides an interesting mix of both Turkish and Greek influences — a real pleasure when it comes to cuisine.

  38. USA, Savannah, Georgia

    Savannah is an old city by US standards, and she has her history on display. You can ride a horse-drawn carriage through the city’s distinct neighborhoods and observe the majestic homes. The coastal climate offers warm temperatures almost year-round. When it gets hot in the summer, you can relax on the beaches. The city welcomes digital nomads with quality internet and the Savannah Technology Workforce Incentive, which offers up to $2,000 for those who relocate. Add a relatively low cost of living and reasonable real estate prices, and you have a top spot for remote workers.

  39. USA, New Haven, Connecticut

    Best known for being the home of Yale University, New Haven has a small college town feel on the US east coast. Unfortunately, crime rates can be high and so is the cost of living. However, that is offset by programs aimed at remote workers. Connecticut residents receive a credit for taxes paid to another state that enacted a law or rule requiring a nonresident employee to pay tax to that state on income earned while working remotely from Connecticut due to COVID-19. One New Haven program grants up to $80,000 in incentives to new homeowners.

  40. Switzerland, Bern

    Zurich gets more press, but the Swiss capital of Bern has a lot to offer remote workers. Quality of life is high in this area rich in history located along the scenic Aare River. With plenty of international companies, you’ll find an international population and a thriving expat community. Bern is a mid-sized city, so you’ll find less English here than some other cities, but expect great schools and public transportation. For those looking to travel, Bern is centrally located to other Swiss cities as well as other European countries.

  41. USA, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

    Johnstown might not be your first thought for a Pennsylvania destination, but Cambria and Somerset counties are offering $5,000 in cash and benefits to qualifying new residents. The cost of living is below the national average in this mid-sized city. Johnstown offers views of the mountains and a slower pace for those looking for city amenities without big city headaches. Digital nomads might want to stop by for the Flood City Music Festival in August. Winters can be cold, and if you’re looking for vibrant nightlife, this town might not be for you. For quiet, stability, and affordability, though, Johnstown is an attractive option.

  42. France, Paris

    The city of love is an obvious destination for any traveller. Culture-wise, Paris has you covered. But is it a good place for digital nomads? Fast internet and plenty of cafes and places to set up your laptop will make your work days go smoothly. And when you’re done working, there’s always something to do, see, eat, or visit. Paris is home to 2 million people, so it can be overwhelming, but there's a reason Paris sets the standard for international travel. Although English is widely spoken, most people here prefer to speak French.

  43. USA, Johnson City, Tennessee

    Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Johnson City offers stunning landscapes and opportunities for adventure. This city has won recognition as one of the most livable cities in the US for its natural beauty. Johnson City boats mountains, lakes, and rivers, along with a moderate four-season climate. Expats will find both affordable housing and education. Relocating workers who meet all the criteria and stay at least a year could access cash incentives totaling up to $5,000 depending on their annual income. Plus, zero state taxes!

  44. Italy, Rome

    The city of Rome needs no introduction, but this historic city is opening its doors to entrepreneurs and digital nomads in new ways. Italy’s Startup Visa has grown the number of startups throughout the country, and in Rome, easy access to fast internet and coworking spaces is the norm. Rents can get high, especially close to the city center, so consider your neighborhood carefully. Of course, the quintessential Roman food, coffee, and wine are available when you need a break from work. It’s hard to argue with a coffee break at the Coliseum!

  45. Japan, Mishima

    Mishima, Japan wants you to visit and stay a while. They want it so much, they are offering JP¥85,000 per month for three years in addition to a lump payment of JP¥300,000 or a calf for relocation. Other benefits include subsidized dating, education, and birth costs. The current aging population of 412 is split across three islands, all offering beautiful scenery and an island lifestyle. This is definitely a destination for people looking to get away from city life and find something new.

  46. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Luxembourg’s high quality of life makes it a great choice for remote workers. Almost half the population is foreign, and multilingualism is more common than not, so newcomers won’t feel out of place. However, the cost of living in Luxembourg is high, and the cost of housing is even higher in a highly competitive market. But if you can find a place to stay, you’ll have great access to healthcare and other amenities, plus easy travel to the rest of Europe.

  47. Costa Rica, San José

    Costa Rica is renowned for stunning natural beauty and biodiversity. It’s not only a popular tourist destination, but also very friendly to digital nomads and remote workers. Two-year temporary renewable residency visas are available, and the country is expediting more legislation to attract international workers. San Jose is located in the Central Valley and offers stellar public transportation in the city, as well as easy access to the country’s beaches. Costa Ricans are known for their love of life, so you won’t find any hustle culture. But you will find a balanced city with a top health care system.

  48. Slovenia, Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital and also its largest city. This small country does not disappoint when it comes to natural beauty, claiming more than its fair share of mountains, hiking trails, coastline and more. Take advantage of the ski resorts or visit the medieval castle on the Glacial Lake of Bled. Ample English is spoken in this EU country. Combined with a high level of safety and welcoming attitude toward foreigners, Slovenia is attractive to expats of all types. Taxes in the capital are high, but the cost of living overall remains affordable.

  49. Croatia, Zagreb

    Zagreb’s flashier Croatian cousins tend to hog the tourism spotlight. Alas, Split, Dubrovnik, and the famous Croatian islands are not the best places for a dedicated remote worker. Zagreb is a different story. The city center is flat, walkable, and filled with Wi-Fi equipped cafes. Zagreb is cheaper than Dubrovnik and Split, but a little more costly than some other Eastern European cities in terms of cost of living. Note that the smoking culture is strong and can frustrate some visitors.

  50. USA, Omaha, Nebraska

    Located in the center of the USA, Omaha is one of the cheaper places for digital nomads in the country. Famously the home of investor Warren Buffet, this small city offers a high level of safety and quality of life at a slower pace. It’s the biggest city in Nebraska with a fair number of breweries and cultural attractions. Digital nomads will find places to work and reliable internet, as well as one of the country’s best zoos. However, you won’t find a lot of diversity. Be prepared for cold winters and hot summers in this four-season state.

  51. USA, Honolulu, Hawaii

    Hawaii is a remote worker’s paradise. Legendary beaches, scenic volcanos, and a tropical climate? What’s not to love? Digital nomads will be welcomed by the state’s well-known hospitality, and the state will even pay for plane tickets for remote workers who relocate to this island state. Honolulu is Hawaii’s capital. Its name means sheltered harbor, and it’s definitely an important port as well as business center. The main downside to moving there is the higher cost of living that comes with a dependence on imports and, well, living in paradise.

  52. Panama, Panama City

    For a small country, Panama is rich in mountains and beaches. The natural beauty and tropical hurricane-free climate account for its thriving tourist industry. But Panama isn’t just for tourists. More and more expats are moving to Panama City to take advantage of a low cost of living, proximity to the United States, and industry. Digital nomads enjoy fast internet speeds, welcoming locals, and a high quality of life. However, no city is perfect. Driving is a challenge, and there are safer places to settle down.

  53. USA, Port Huron, Michigan

    Nestled between the coast of Lake Huron and the Canadian border, Port Huron offers beauty and a high quality of life. You’ll find ample access to beaches and lakefront attractions on one of the globe’s largest freshwater lakes. Take the Blue Water Bridge to Canada (when the border is open) from Michigan’s easternmost point. Digital nomads will find fast internet and reasonable housing costs. Michigan is also very tiny-house friendly! However, as beautiful as it is, Port Huron’s crime rate is higher than average for the US. As a smaller city, there’s not a lot in the way of nightlife or diversity.

  54. USA, Newark, New Jersey

    Newark, New Jersey is a cheaper though less glamorous alternative to its neighbor, New York City. The cost of living is still very high compared to the rest of the country, and you’ll still contend with some traffic and other big city problems. But if you want to be close to the nightlife without being in the middle of everything, Newark is a good choice. The crime rates are low compared to New York, and you’ll find fast internet and co-working spaces. Be prepared to contend with cold winters and hot summers.

  55. USA, New York, New York

    If you want big city living, look to the City That Never Sleeps. Food, culture, big business: whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. NYC has great public transportation, so you won’t need a car. That’s good news, because parking and traffic are very challenging. The cost of living is notoriously high, although rents have gone down somewhat in the last couple of years. When the big city gets to be too much for you, escape the city with a walk in famous Central Park. Keep in mind that crime rates are high and safety can definitely be a concern. With so much to see, do, and be, New York City is almost a country all its own.

  56. USA, Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Tulsa might not be the first place you think of for remote work, but the Tulsa Remote program is working to change that. Tulsa provides a $10,000 cash grant and a dedicated coworking space to remote workers who relocate to the city. Combine that with the low cost of living and high quality of life, and you’ve got a great deal. The city is very walkable, has an ample culture and restaurant scene, and has all the amenities a remote worker could ask for. However, you will sometimes contend with severe weather, including winds and tornadoes. This area of the country tends to be more conservative than the coasts. As with all US cities, it can be nearly impossible to obtain a work visa for the US, and tourist visas depend on your country of origin. If you're able to access the US though, Tulsa welcomes you as a remote worker with open arms.

  57. USA, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Home of the Indy 500 race, Indianapolis offers a few incentives for remote workers. Indiana has an $8,500 stipend to remote workers who move to the state. There’s also a low state income tax rate of 3.25% and a lower cost of living compared to the rest of the country. Indianapolis is home to great pro and college sports programs, as well as plenty of cultural attractions. Long winters deter some visitors who prefer warmer climates, and some areas of the city score low for safety.

  58. USA, Louisville, Kentucky

    The state of Kentucky almost passed a tax break that would have given up to $15,000 for people who work from home for an out-of-state company. Even without such a generous bonus, though, Louisville is an attractive location for digital nomads. The cost of living is low for the US, and accommodations and high-speed internet are easy to come by. There is a vibrant restaurant and bar scene in this state known for bourbon. Expect to need a car or rely on Uber. Be ready for hot summers and cold winters. Who knows? Maybe that big bonus will come back around!

  59. USA, Hamilton, Ohio

    You may not have heard of it, but Hamilton, Ohio is a unique choice for remote workers. The city is offering $10,000 to be used to pay back student loans in a Talent Attraction Program Scholarship for recent graduates with STEM backgrounds. Other incentives include a beautiful location along the Great Miami River, ample parks and green spaces, and a high quality of small-town life. Digital nomads will appreciate the fast internet and low cost of living, but some may find the winters to be long and dreary. Ohio's politics are historically mixed by US standards, but many international visitors may find it to be conservative.

  60. USA, Charleston, West Virginia

    This US city of just 50,000 people is offering a $5000 relocation incentive to out-of-state participants who move to West Virginia. That could go a long way here given Charleston’s cost of living, which is 21.5% lower than the rest of the country. This state capital hosts many outdoor festivals and has ample hiking and biking paths. Digital nomads will be able to find reasonable internet and coworking spaces. The population is politically conservative, and you may not find a lot of diversity among residents. But if you’re looking for a small-town feel and a cash incentive, Charleston might be for you.

  61. USA, Virginia Beach, Virginia

    The key word here is beach. Located on the east coast of the US, Virginia Beach is a popular tourist destination and an attractive choice for remote workers. Why not work from the beach, or choose from more than 300 parks around town. The cost of living and housing is lower than some other east coast locations, but you’ll still find a thriving nightlife and food scene. Although the climate is temperate year-round, tropical storms and hurricanes can be dangerous, and many areas of the city are prone to flooding, all of which can make life more of a challenge.

  62. USA, Boise, Idaho

    Located in the Pacific Northwest, this down-low city has a lot to offer. The beauty of Idaho and its proximity to other beautiful places make it an attractive destination. If you’re looking to live in this region for a lower price tag than Seattle or Portland, Boise is much more affordable. Fast internet and coworking spaces are widely available, and you’ll find outdoor recreation year-round as well as thriving food and music scenes that the area is known for. Public transportation is limited, so a car is recommended. Also, Idaho is one of only a handful of states that charges sales tax on food.

  63. Greece, Athens

    The Greek capital is so much more than historical artifacts and delicious food. Athens is a city of passion, beauty, and commitment to partying. The Greeks know how to enjoy life, and the bars, restaurants, squares, and nightclubs are enough to draw in any remote worker keen on the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle. The mentality of Athenians is contagious. Family and friends come first. You’ll find a city filled with highly-educated people, many of whom have lived abroad, but work is always balanced with time to relax and unwind. Note that many Greeks still hold traditional values, and gender stereotypes can influence elements of daily life. Cost of living is inexpensive in relation to other European capital cities, and the level of English is high throughout Athens.

  64. USA, Charleston, South Carolina

    Located in the American South, Charleston is a fast-growing city known for its beaches and arts. The cost of living here is higher than the national average and the housing market is highly competitive. Expect to work hard to find an apartment in this coastal city. But for many, that’s just the cost of beach life. Digital nomads won’t have any trouble with internet speeds, though, and will find the locals overflowing with southern hospitality. A thriving restaurant scene and rich history add to Charleston’s charm. If you can’t take the heat, though, you might want to avoid the South Carolina summers.

  65. Thailand, Bangkok

    Bangkok is a popular destination for remote workers, and a proposal to extend the four-year smart visa to digital nomads will likely make it even better. The city already offers fast internet and plenty of coworking spaces. Other attractive features include fabulous food, beautiful beaches, and a diverse culture. However, housing costs can be very high, so you’ll want to find something outside of the city center if you’re on a tight budget. If you don’t like hot weather, consider timing your visit for the much shorter cooler season. Be ready to contend with serious traffic in every season.

  66. USA, Jefferson City, Missouri

    Missouri’s capital Jefferson City has been called one of the most beautiful small towns in the US. It offers stunning views of the Missouri River, a charming downtown, and plenty of historic places. With a suburban feel, this smaller city is home to many young professionals. There are also plenty of natural wonders including Graham Cave State Park. The state and the town both lean conservative. While the cost of living in Jefferson City is below average by state standards, expats might find it more expensive compared to other parts of the world.

  67. USA, Austin, Texas

    Austin might be the hippest city in Texas. Since Texas is the largest of the lower 48 states, that’s saying a lot. A thriving restaurant, bar, and music scene are big draws. Outdoor recreation abounds, which is great with over 220 days of sun per year. Austin is a magnet for youth, with Millennials making up 30% of the population. Fast internet and no state income tax are great for remote workers and digital nomads. However, public transportation is limited, so a car is almost a necessity. Austin is a welcoming place, but in conservative Texas, the city has its share of political strife.

  68. Bulgaria, Sofia

    The Bulgarian capital is off the radar for tourist and digital nomads alike, but the cost-of-living in Sofia is so low for a European city, it's worth consideration. The city itself has some stunning architecture, beautiful parks, and always-on coffeehouses. Nearby you’ll find beaches, mountains, and lakes to rival any European hotspot. All day and night the city center has open markets and restaurants, and the city has a small but developing tech scene. Sofia is not a progressive city, and some digital nomads from minority groups and non-caucasian backgrounds have reported instances of discrimination.

  69. USA, Raleigh, North Carolina

    You’ll find big-city living with small-town charm in Raleigh, NC. A beautiful city in a beautiful state that boasts inland mountains, Raleigh offers an easy trip to a coastline like no other along the Outer Banks. Although Raleigh’s cost of living is lower than many other big cities, it’s just above the national average, and home prices are on the rise. Ranked one of the top cities in the US for tech, now is a good time to consider a move.

  70. USA, Baltimore, Maryland

    Remote workers willing to move into vacant houses in Baltimore will earn up to $10,000 toward closing costs and a down payment. That is an attractive incentive for people searching for a new home base. This city on the US east coast offers fast internet and lots of coworking spaces for digital nomads. It’s widely known for great educational opportunities, great food, and great sports. Visitors enjoy the Inner Harbor downtown, where you can easily find all the fresh seafood you can eat. However, traffic can be difficult and crime rates are high.

  71. Colombia, Bogotá

    Bogotá should be on any remote worker’s dream destinations list. Apart from the beauty, vibrancy, and culture of Colombia’s heartbeat, Bogota has the ideal living conditions for a cost-conscious worker. Rental prices are low, gym memberships are affordable, and internet speeds have jumped from averages of 16 Mbps to 50 Mbps in recent years, with improvement set to continue. Remember, Bogotá’s elevation is significant, so many newcomers will need time to adjust to the altitude.

  72. USA, Florence, Alabama

    The Shoals area of Alabama is looking for remote workers. Remote Shoals awards participants $10,000 cash. Recipients receive 25% of the money upfront to help cover moving expenses, another 25% after six months, and the final 50% after living in the Shoals for one year. Florence is the largest city in the Shoals region. The cost of living here is very reasonable, and the quality of life is high. Located in the American South, you’ll find plenty of warm, warmer, and hot weather. However, the area is politically conservative and not very diverse.

  73. USA, Madison, Wisconsin

    Wisconsin’s capital Madison is the quintessential US college town. Expect a high level of college graduates in the home of one of the country’s biggest universities. The city lives and dies by the academic calendar. Expect the full spectrum of bars and coffee shops as well as plenty of restaurants and a solid music scene. You won’t have trouble finding high-speed Wi-Fi, but you may have trouble with the long, snowy winters. Campus is located on an isthmus between Lakes Mendota and Menona. Expect a great outdoor scene as well as a higher level of traffic.

  74. Israel, Jerusalem

    Politics and religion have sculpted this historic city. Jerusalem is an important city for the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths. As such, the bells of all religions sound throughout the day. Digital nomads may be drawn to the city’s rich cultural history and diversity. Residents of 99 countries (including all EU) can benefit from Israel's visa waiver program without a visa for up to three months. However, the cost of living is high, especially in the Old City. Conflict still makes itself known, and safety is a serious concern.

  75. USA, Little Rock, Arkansas

    This capital city in central Arkansas offers a low cost of living. Situated in the American South, you’ll find plenty of southern hospitality. You’ll also find lots of opportunities for hiking and enjoying the hot springs in nearby Pinnacle Mountain State Park and other areas. You don’t have to worry about fast internet, but you won’t find fast trains. Public transportation is spotty, so you will probably want access to a car if you live outside of the inner city. Although crime rates are improving, safety remains a concern in Little Rock.

  76. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

    Working from Rio sounds more then OK, doesn’t it? Most won’t need much convincing of the Brazilian beachside charm. The famed carnival and the party culture put Rio de Janeiro on the shortlist for anyone seeking hot, sunny weather all year round. The genuinely awe-inspiring skyline is enough to make you fall in love. Remember to respect the dangers of Rio, as crime rates are still high, but if you stay smart and alert, you’ll find a captivating place to work and a delightful group of locals to meet.

  77. Argentina, Buenos Aires

    The Paris of the Americas truly has something for everyone. The secondmost populated city on the continent behind Sao Paulo, somehow Beunos Aires still feels like a collection of neighborhood towns. The village atmosphere is built with stunning classical French architecture, opening up to convivial bars and cafes filled with delicious meaty treats. Mendozan wine culture seeps into the city, and partiers spill onto the streets to enjoy the city’s charms well into the warm Argentinian summer nights. The people are the best part. Their passion for football and tango sums up the beating heart of this ever-romantic city.

  78. United Kingdom, London

    London has something for everyone — if you can afford it. This sprawling city is home to people of every nationality, so remote workers of all backgrounds fit right in. You'll never be far from Wi-Fi or interesting places to set up your laptop. This historic city is rich in tradition but is also on the cutting edge of culture and technology. Of course, the downsides of living in London are big city problems: a high price tag, traffic, and crowding. And while the city itself is beautiful, it’s not known for its weather. Be ready for lots of cold, damp days.

  79. Hungary, Budapest

    Like many other European cities, Budapest offers easy travel throughout the region as well as solid public transportation in the city. The cost of living here is low compared to other destinations in the EU, and the expat community is growing, which means more and more English is spoken these days. Digital nomads will appreciate the widely available high-speed internet. You may encounter frustrating bureaucracy, a common relic of the former Soviet system. But the city’s history is abundant in its architecture. Enjoy sightseeing at St. Stephen’s Basilica or the Hungarian Opera House.

  80. Lithuania, Vilnius

    Lithuania’s capital city of Vilnius is beautiful and historic, if not well known. Safe and walkable, this European city is also highly affordable compared to the rest of Europe and boasts of one of the lowest tax rates. The city is home to plenty of expats, making it appealing for digital nomads. Its location allows easy travel to other countries. The locals do tend to be reserved and formal, and the population is overwhelmingly Catholic. Seasons tend toward the extreme, with hot summers and cold winters.

  81. USA, Natchez, Mississippi

    The remote worker incentive program Shift South offers lucky new residents $6000 to move to Natchez. Recipients receive $2500 upfront and $300 paid monthly for the next 12 months. This money goes a long way here, as the cost of living is relatively low. Located on the banks of the Mississippi, the country’s largest river, Natchez offers small town charm with historic buildings as well as warm weather for most of the year. However, it is a small town. Though it has its share of indoor and outdoor activities, the slower pace can take some getting used to — unless that's exactly what you're looking for!

  82. Latvia, Riga

    Enjoy old-world charm on the cobblestone streets of Riga, Latvia, for less money than you’d spend living in much of the rest of Europe. This 800-year-old capital city is rich in history and charm. Latvia itself is a beautiful country with over 50% forested land. You’ll definitely want to get outside. The seasons here can be extreme, but remote workers will enjoy fast internet and easy access to housing. You'll also have easy access to the rest of Europe.

  83. USA, Chicago, Illinois

    Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, the lakefront stretches for miles. You’ll find ample beaches and miles and miles of bike trails. Sports fans will enjoy the full spectrum of pro sports. Chicago is one of the great restaurant towns, so you’ll find excellent examples of every cuisine. Public transportation is excellent, so you can go without a car, especially if you’re okay with the cold winters. The city’s diverse population makes it attractive to digital nomads. The cost of living is high, as are crime rates, but Chicago's charm is hard to deny.

  84. Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

    Known colloquially as KL, this Southeast Asian metropolis is a captivating smash of ethnicities from across Asia (with a healthy dose of European influence drawn from Malaysia’s colonial history). Three groups dominate the population — Malays, Chinese, and Indians — and each of these cultures flows through everyday life in the city. KL is a taste for the senses, with a humid, tropical climate providing the backdrop for an incredible food scene reflective of this multicultural heartbeat. Don’t miss the laksa or the nasi lemak! For remote workers, fast internet, ample co-working spots, friendly visa conditions, and a world-class airport make KL an ideal destination.

  85. USA, Providence, Rhode Island

    The capital city of the smallest US state, Providence has a culturally diverse population and a low cost of living for the East Coast, which makes it a great choice for remote work. Great public transportation gives you easy access to the city as well as the other New England cities. Wi-Fi and coworking spaces are plentiful. Providence also has a vibrant food scene. Check out the Federal Hill, also known as Little Italy, for great Italian food. And be sure to attend one of the many festivals along the waterfront.

  86. Uruguay, Montevideo

    Get on board with beach life in Uruguay’s capital city. With far less political unrest than some neighbors, Montevideo is a safer choice for those wanting to experience the region. You’ll find plenty of beaches, culture, and delicious food and wine, with less crime and fewer crowds. You’ll also get to experience Carnival! Expats will find the locals are very welcoming, but at least some Spanish is recommended. The cost of living is reasonable, especially relative to the quality of life.

  87. Slovakia, Bratislava

    Go for the Bratislava Castle that overlooks the city and surrounding area, stay for the low cost of living and easy access to the rest of Europe. Ringed by the Carpathian Mountains and rich in architectural history, Bratislava is a beautiful place offering ample job opportunities for expats and cheap, fast internet for remote workers. But don’t expect diversity or quality customer service, and be ready for long, cold winters. The difficulty of the language deters many, although the city is changing fast and opening up to more and more people.

  88. United Arab Emirates, Dubai

    Dubai is not only a popular tourist destination but also boasts a very large expat community. In fact, expats make up 85% of its residents. The city goes out of its way to impress and features giant shopping malls, indoor ski slopes, and one especially famous, especially tall building. Remote workers will love the awesome wifi and won’t have any trouble finding accommodations or coworking spaces. Because it’s such a popular destination, flights in and out are reasonable. The cost of living can be high, and you need to enjoy hot weather to enjoy this city. Laws here are hostile to LGBTQ+ people.

  89. Mauritius, Port Louis

    Port Louis is the capital city of this island nation in the Indian Ocean. Located on the coast, Port Louis is home to plenty of beaches, a vibrant waterfront, and impressive French colonial architecture. With a high quality of life and a safe environment, it makes sense that it also has a diverse expat community. But don’t take fast internet for granted if you’re a remote worker. If you drive, you might not enjoy doing so much in Mauritius. Traffic is challenging, and the roads aren’t well maintained.

  90. Oman, Muscat

    There’s room for everyone in Muscat. Whether you’re looking for large homes and apartments or open public spaces, Muscat has you covered. Sun seekers are in luck here. Muscat is bright, warm, and filled with beautiful flora and history. Muscat is home to a diverse population, which makes it inviting for expats. It’s both safe and family friendly. With a low cost of living, remote workers can get a great start. People do tend to come and go here, so be ready for turnover. However, close proximity to Dubai means a luxury vacation is right around the corner. Laws are hostile to LGBTQ+ people here.

  91. Mexico, Mexico City

    Mexico City is huge. The population places the city in the world’s top 10, but somehow the Mexican capital retains a charming neighborhood vibe. As a destination, a short visit gives a tantalizing taste of what’s possible, and for freelancers, this stopoff can often turn into months at a time. There’s so much to do, see, explore, and taste. The arts and culture scene is unique, and the ruins and Spanish colonial architecture have turned the historic centre of Mexico City into a UNESCO World Heritage site. The food scene is well-documented, and despite some misconceptions, Mexico City is safe and set up for remote work life.

  92. Serbia, Belgrade

    Belgrade isn’t as flashy or well-promoted as other European capitals, but it still has a lot to offer. Its lower profile keeps the cost of living low. Ample coworking spaces and reliable internet make this city attractive to remote workers. Situated between two rivers, you can always find a picturesque place to settle down with your laptop. You’ll find plenty of English, but that won’t be the case outside of the city. The weather in Serbia can be extreme, with hot summers and cold winters, but you will get a little bit of everything throughout the year.

  93. Poland, Warsaw

    Warsaw has restored much of its historic architecture since World War II and added lots of green space. Forest and parks make up almost 25% of the city. The cost of living is low compared to other EU countries. Easy travel in the city and region, high marks for safety, and good internet make remote work easy. But the long winters can be difficult for some expats. Although Warsaw was once home to diverse religions and nationalities, the population is now predominantly Polish and Roman Catholic and slow to warm up to newcomers.

  94. USA, Bismarck, North Dakota

    Bismarck, North Dakota, makes a surprising appearance on this list for digital nomads seeking a slower pace of life. This northern city has a low cost of living, so you’ll easily find affordable accommodations. If you decide to stay, you can definitely find good deals. The city itself, though small, offers its share of shops, restaurants, and coworking spaces. The population tends to be conservative, and you won’t find a lot of diversity here. However, it’s a very safe place to live if you can handle the long, snowy winters.

  95. USA, Billings, Montana

    Billings is a gateway to the majestic beauty of Montana. Also known as Big Sky Country, this state offers spectacular mountains, wide open spaces, rivers, and national parks. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure, you’ll find it here. Billings is Montana’s largest city, so you’ll find the advantages to in town living such as good Wi-Fi, restaurants, breweries, and cultural attractions alongside easy access to nature. All of that with a very low cost of living. While the winters can be rough, they are also full of opportunities for winter sports.

  96. USA, San Francisco, California

    San Francisco is a popular choice for workers in tech. The city is very welcoming and diverse and boasts quality Wi-Fi and coworking spaces. Beautiful bay views and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge make this a beautiful city to live in. However, the cost of living here is one of the highest in the world. The housing market is extremely competitive. Despite California’s reputation for warm weather, San Francisco can be chilly at certain times of the year. San Francisco companies are hiring more remote workers, but if you want to live here, you'll need a salary to match. If you find one, enjoy — the city's food scene is top notch!

  97. Ecuador, Quito

    At 2.6 million people, Quito is the second largest city in Ecuador. As a metropolitan city, it’s filled with culture and history as well big-city comforts like high-speed internet and great healthcare. The high quality of life comes with a lower cost of living. Ecuador is welcoming to digital nomads, granting visas for the lowest monthly income requirement of any country. You’ll also find a vibrant expat community. Make sure to schedule a long lunch, though, since Ecuador’s big meal is the midday meal and four courses are an everyday affair.

  98. Georgia, Tbilisi

    Tbilisi is emerging as a tourism hotspot, perfect for a city break on the way to the beautiful mountains and valleys of the Georgian countryside. The downtown area of the city is not the most charming place to live. This area can be noisy and chaotic, but the close surrounding suburbs (especially the upscale but affordable Vake neighbourhood) are more suited to remote work life. The city has a collection of beautiful green spaces, eclectic independent cafes and shops, and exceptional restaurants with cheap but delicious meat-based dishes. Tbilisi isn’t the easiest place for vegetarians, but Georgian wine is something to savor. It’s worth noting that Georgians aren’t renowned for their extraversion or cheerfulness, and making new friends takes time.

  99. Montenegro, Podgorica

    Montenegro offers a favorable cost of living, a friendly tax system, and a long-stay visa that allows you to stay up to six months per calendar year. The majority of the expat community in this country is situated in Podgorica. Like other European capitals, you’ll find a blend of old-world history and new development. It may not be the most exciting city when it comes to nightlife, but the city offers plenty of green space and parks. Other perks include low crime rates and access to the rest of the country and other European locations.

  100. USA, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Santa Fe is a beautiful city in the American southwest. Unlike other cities in the region, Santa Fe’s altitude at 7000 feet above sea level keeps its nights cool even when daytime temperatures climb high. If you’re looking for outdoor adventure, you’ll find it in the acres of forests and miles of trails. If skiing and kayaking are too much for you, the scenic highways offer amazing views from a car window. Remote workers will find all the amenities they need in terms of internet access and work spaces, but the cost of living and taxation are higher than many places in the US.

Remote Work Incentives

1. Ecuador(Lowest income visa requirements)

With their “Professional Visa,” Ecuador has the lowest monthly income requirement of any country at $400. You’ll also need a bachelor’s degree (or higher), background checks, and health insurance.

2. Aruba(Best incentive for digital nomads)

Digital nomads can live and work in Aruba for up to 90 days through its One Happy Workation program. This includes package deals and discounted prices for local accommodations, including resorts and rental homes. It’s open to citizens from specific countries, including the U.S., UK, and Netherlands.

3. Antigua and Barbuda(Best permanent residency incentive)

Individuals who want to be part of The Permanent Residency Program of Antigua and Barbuda need to spend 30+ days on site and have an annual income of at least $100,000. Benefits include:

  • No income tax on worldwide income or assets
  • No capital gains tax on worldwide income or assets
  • No inheritance tax on worldwide or assets
  • A flat tax rate of $20,000 per year

4. Belize(Best destination to retire)

This program allows 45+-year-old non-nationals to live, retire, or work in Belize as long as the income source is from outside of Belize. Qualified individuals receive a pension or annuity of $2,000 per month or $24,000 annually. Incentives include tax exemption on income and the importation of personal goods and other benefits.

5. Cabo Verde(Best tax incentives)

Remote workers in Cabo Verde are exempt from income tax.

6. Emilia Romagna, Italy(Biggest cash incentive)

This city in Italy will pay young families (under 40 years old) $34,000 to relocate there.

7. Topeka, Kansas(Biggest cash incentive in the U.S)

Topeka provides up to $5,000 in funds for renting in the first year and up to $10,000 in funds for a home purchase to remote workers as a relocation incentive. Each remote worker can receive up to $15,000 to relocate to Topeka

8. Colorado, U.S.(Best incentive for employers)

Employers are granted cash awards for each remote worker employed in an eligible rural county outside the county where the project is based. Each LONE (Location Neutral Employment) award is capped at $300,000 per company.

9. St.Louis, Missouri(Best housing incentive)

Individuals can purchase city-owned property in St. Louis, Missouri for only $1.

10. Mishima, Japan(Most Interesting Incentive)

In addition to receiving JP¥85,000 (about $775) per month for three years, workers can choose between a lump payment of JP¥300,000 (about $2,730) or a calf when relocating.

With so many places welcoming people from around the world, we hope this research helps you find your next remote work destination.

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