How to Estimate Custom Software Development Costs for Your Projects in 2022

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Last updated: Jan 26, 2022

Whenever someone opts to calculate the estimate of a software project, some common questions that pop up in the mind are: “What will be the cost of developing the software?” and “How much time will it take to complete?” Most of the clients before starting the project usually wonder how affordable the project would be.

Almost every software development sales meeting has an agenda to find solutions to these questions. Customers usually are unaware of the factors that influence the cost of software development. Estimates of software development project costs can vary, and the process is opaque to customers.

In this blog, we will make a haphazard attempt to demonstrate the process of “how much does it cost to develop software?” But, before that let us tell you:

What Exactly Is Custom Software?

Custom software is a user-specific product, as opposed to off-the-shelf software such as Microsoft Office, which caters to a broad user base. It has features that are appropriate for your company’s needs. Custom software includes, for example, a custom fleet management system for local fleet businesses.

A custom software development process includes requirement analysis, coding, testing, and deployment. The customized software provides a personalized experience for users while lowering development costs and increasing ROI. Furthermore, scalability in custom software is superior to that of ready-made software.

Businesses prioritize getting custom-made software for their customers over using an existing or pre-defined model. Because it is scalable, flexible, and can provide more in a personalized manner, customized software is in high demand. Furthermore, because of the types of businesses we see, modern-day software solutions may not be the best fit for every business.

Businesses are looking for more customer-centric customizable software solutions in response to rising customer expectations. With the integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, augmented/virtual reality, and machine learning, businesses and customers alike are looking for high-quality applications/software to use.

Custom software development entails creating software that is tailored to your company’s specific requirements. Companies can benefit from a digital solution tailored to their specific needs by developing custom software. Furthermore, custom software greatly aids in the management of operations and the provision of well-optimized data security.

In recent years, the demand for custom software development has increased, and factors such as optimization and accuracy for businesses have become critical to sustaining growth.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Custom Software?

Many factors are there that must be considered in determining the cost of custom software. When determining the cost of developing custom software, each parameter has its own set of subparameters.

However, there are some critical considerations to keep your investment on track, as well as how they affect the lifecycle of your project. The cost of developing custom software can range between $2000 and $250,000, depending on its size and requirements.

Several key factors determine the total Cost of Custom Software Development, regardless of your company’s location, size, or developers. And only a few of those critical factors are discussed in detail here.

Custom Software Development Cost Influencing Factors

  • Number of platforms
  • Development approach
  • Launching the software
  • MVP requirements
  • Complexity of software
  • Design requirements
  • Integration of systems
  • Database migrations

What Are The Software Costs Made Of? Let’s Look At The Breakdown:

Before we begin analyzing software costs, let’s take a closer look at the process of estimating costs.


The scope of the software determines a large portion of the software cost. The cost of software is directly proportional to the project requirements. Every constraint, deliverable, and assumption will increase the costs. The more you define the scope, the cost estimation will be more precise.

Design and Development

After the scope has been defined, the software must be designed and developed. It begins with wireframes and sitemap development and progresses to designers working on visual elements. The developers then begin coding, transforming the static webpage into functional software.

Integration with other systems and data migration

To communicate with one another, the custom software must be integrated with external systems. A significant amount of time is spent in R&D to become acquainted with the API - data structures, protocols, user authentication, and so on.

Whether consolidating data on a single platform or upgrading to completely new software, custom software development always includes some level of data migration and it has become absolutely necessary considering the amount of data created every day.

Now that we’re familiar with the procedure, let’s look at the factors that go into estimating software development costs.

Software size

The primary driver for estimating the cost of software development is the size of the software. It is proportional to the cost of the software. It’s simple: the more screens/pages there are, the more effort it requires and the higher the software costs.

A small application will typically have fewer than 20 feature pages, a medium application will have between 21-40 pages, and anything more than 40 pages is considered a large application. As a result, if you are developing a large application with more than 40 screens and other complex functionalities, your costs will be higher.


When it comes to software costs, time is also an important consideration. If you have a specific deadline in mind, your software development company will need to increase its resources to meet your needs. Your software development costs will rise as more resources are added.


You can’t spend money you don’t have. When estimating software development costs, the client’s budget is a constraint. Begin by making a list of all of the features you want in your app. Divide them into two categories: “must-have” and “nice to have.”

Inform the software company about your budget at the start of the project. Include all of the required features, as well as the “nice to have” ones if your budget allows. If not, they will be included in the next release.

OutShoring vs. InShoring

The cost of software development will be greatly influenced by whether you develop software in-house or outsource software development. Outsourcing software development can cut your costs by up to 40%. As a result, outsourcing software development ensures both cost savings and a high-quality product.


You now understand the steps and factors that go into determining a software development cost estimate. As previously stated, each project is unique and cannot be costed using an exact formula; however, defining project type and size, team size, and resource costing will provide you with the basics when determining your budget range. We hope you find this blog to be useful!

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