11 Best NodeJS Frameworks for Web Apps in 2022

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Last updated: Jan 26, 2022

This is inevitable that the coming future will run digitally. The advent of web applications has changed the way we used to spend our day-to-day life. With the increasing demand, businesses are also investing their time and money towards web development to provide a better user experience. And the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has worked as a catalyst to this paradigm shift.

Whenever there is any discussion about web development, it is obvious that the name JavaScript comes automatically. And in this context, the name Node.js is a must-to-take. Node.js is one of the most prominent frameworks and there are numerous reasons behind its superb popularity. Unlike other frameworks, it also suffuses the server-side void and some of its features can bridge both client and server sides as well. With its array of exclusive tools, it helps to develop divergent web cases for web application development.

This article will walk you through some of the important aspects of Node.js like what it is, why to select Node.js, what are the best Node.js frameworks for Web Apps. Stay connected.

What is a Nodejs framework?

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment. This basically runs on the V8 version JavaScript engine and comes at no cost. Most web developers use it for different backend web application development. There are THREE types MVC Frameworks REST API Frameworks Full-Stack Frameworks

Why select the Node.js framework?

Before approaching any Node.JS company or starting using any framework for your web development, the basic question that comes to everyone’s mind is, why should I select Node.js? What is there for me? There are a number of benefits that Node.js offers to its users.

  • Scalability: It is an important factor to decide before you opt for a framework. Node.js offers flexibility to developers in this field.
  • Performance: This is faster, efficient and the non-blocking I/O operation gives smooth performance for which the developers love it.
  • Faster due to lightweight: The current market need is faster development and as time is a major factor for any business, this is one major benefit that Node.js offers. Moreover, the easier deployment provides ample opportunity for the team to review.

Top 11 Node.js frameworks for your software solution:

  • Express.js: This is the most popular Node.js framework. The minimalistic, classical, and on-top approach makes this the top choice for developers. Through its non-synchronous programming, you can carry out multiple operations at a time. It supports extensions and plugins to make the work more user-friendly. Also, its HTTP utility method supports faster API creation. You can use it for the fast and smooth formation of single-page web applications and APIs.
  • Koa.js: Comparatively newer and developed by the same Express team, this is an amazing framework for apps customization and managing web application content. Excellent error handling capability, lightweight structure, no middleware attached, are some of the key features that have made this so popular in such a short time.
  • Meteor.js: This is a language-specific framework that uses JavaScript only and that’s the easy part of it for the developers. If you want a cross-functional lightweight app that provides superb speed, you can go for Meteor.js. It is compatible with iOS, Android, web, desktop, and also the lightweight structure makes it faster. It is mostly used in building strong cross-platform apps.
  • Socket.io: This amazing framework offers a seamless bi-directional connection and communication between the client and the server. This is an event-driven framework that facilitates real-time communication. Due to the amazing real-time activity, it supports smooth audio and video streaming. Therefore, if you wish for chatbot development or audio-visual streaming feature, this platform is most suitable for your web development.
  • Nest.js: This framework is appropriate to increase backend productivity while constructing active scalable apps. Its cool aspects of smooth testing and maintenance make it the developer’s favorite when it comes to building server-side web-apps with scalability features. It offers better flexibility through its modular architecture and also provides an array of external libraries for superior customization. This is a superb collaboration of functional reactive programming (FRP) and object-oriented programming.
  • Sails.js: If you are acquainted with Express, then it’s time to jump to Sails.js for the next level. This framework is a Model-View-Controller Framework (MVC) which offers scalability to develop extensible applications. With its amazing feature to create RESTful APIs without them writing any code, it is now highly attracting developers. This feature generates the code automatically and as a developer, you can add or edit it to customize. The only hurdle is the steep learning curve of this system. But once you cross the steep learning curve of this framework, you can get a lot of mind-blowing benefits from it.
  • Total.js: Another hassle-free framework for user-friendly web app development is Total.js. Through its catchy features, this framework is now very popular in the developer community. Prototyping is very quick in this framework. One of the interesting features of this framework is that it has an inbuilt SMTP mailing feature and image processing tool.
  • Feather.js: Feather.js is a flexible framework and this is the reason behind its popularity in the web developers’ group. It works in a real-time manner, supporting the web and mobile app development process smoother. With the help of its array of plugins, it makes the process simpler and less time-consuming.
  • Hapi.js: This framework is created by Walmart labs. To make it user-friendly, the team incorporated amazing plug-in-based modular architecture through which you can add it and scale up your web app. It is a fast-paced web development framework with a not-so-steep learning curve. Through its abundant web server functionalities, HAPI (HTTP API Server) makes the web development process faster. You can use it for REST API development and developing scalable web apps.
  • Loopback.js: This is a full-stack framework and is used for API development and to bridge between the client and server communication. It supports a bucket of databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and MongoDB. In this era of the cloud server, this runs perfectly in the cloud system without any error. Developers need clear documentation and organized code structure for ease of work and this framework offers these facilities. Moreover, Loopback.js offers a build-in ORM through which queries can be raised from the client side directly.
  • Derby.js: If you are into the development of collective apps and APIs, this framework is the most suitable for you. Its open-source, full-stack functionality gives a lot of freedom to the developers to work upon. The error-free data synchronization between the client and server makes it an amazing choice for real-time audio-visual app development. Moreover, it provides an ample amount of editing options to the developers which makes it very user-friendly.


The modern world is on websites and applications and it provides great opportunities and business scopes. To make the maximum reach, every business is transforming its presence on the virtual field. And in the JavaScript world, Node.js offers a lot of frameworks that are eventually getting used to develop different types of web applications. As a developer, you need to select the best framework which suits best for your business or your client’s needs.

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