How AI Is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity? in 2024

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Last updated: Jun 18, 2024

If you own a business or work for a business, you might have noticed that cybersecurity issues are becoming more common with every passing day. There is no doubt that this is true but it has been just like that for quite some time.

However, the most astonishing and alarming thing is not the frequency of these attacks but rather the growing sophistication and innovative routes used for cyberattacks. To cater to such a vast variety of cyberattacks, cybersecurity teams are finding their capabilities inefficient. However, where manpower falls short, AI is coming to the rescue.

The cyber security team are now taking help from real-time AI-based cyber attack detection tools. These tools are helping in detection of the new attacks as well as prevention of the security threats in the long run ensuring foolproof security. Currently, more than 50% of businesses and big tech enterprises are using machine learning along with AI to boost their cyber security. Moreover, 92% of companies plan to get into AI to bolster their cybersecurity in the future.

These sophisticated AI-based cybersecurity tools offer zero-day exploits detection, detection of polymorphic malware as well as advanced persistent threats. However, these AI-based malware detection systems are designed for big tech firms and businesses. As a domestic internet user, you still have to go through the same hectic manual malware detection system, which can be quite daunting. For domestic users, a simple solution to boost cybersecurity is via a secure internet connection. If you are looking for a good and secure internet connection, we recommend Wave broadband. With Wave powered by Astound broadband, you will get full network protection. This includes anti-virus software, password protection, and more.

How AI Is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity?

AI with some help from machine learning is not just helping in streamlining the tasks for companies; it is also helping in reducing the cost of cybersecurity. Now, with the use of AI in cybersecurity, security teams are working smart and saving time and this is just the beginning. If you are wondering about the role of AI in cybersecurity and its revolutionizing impact, here are some of the main things you need to consider:

  • Real-Time Threat Detection

    As a cybersecurity professional, the biggest problem is to filter out the threat. With a small company and limited data running through the system, this can be done manually. However, as tech companies are becoming bigger and more profitable, the importance of data is becoming more evident. With such a ginormous volume of daily data, detecting threats is just like picking out a needle from a haystack. By using AI, threat detection can be made a breeze and efficient. Where manually running the detection test can leave room for error, automated AI-based threat detection is quite quick and efficient screening threats in real time and reading patterns to prevent any further threats to penetrate the system.

  • Refocusing the Cybersecurity Work

    Previously, cybersecurity teams were more focused on detecting threats and eliminating them. By using AI, the load of threat detection has shifted to the machine while the cybersecurity team will be more focused on the investigation of the complex threats that have penetrated the system. This will also help in bringing creative tasks and helping them get rid of mundane and boring tasks.

  • Reading Pattern and Setting Algorithm

    Generally, reading cyber breaching patterns is quite a challenging task and it takes cybersecurity teams weeks and months. However, with the use of AI, cybersecurity teams can read the breaching and attacking patterns. This is helping them focus on the prevention of further attacks and focusing on building firewalls that can fortify the protection.

  • Automation via Machine Learning

    AI-powered systems run on data. They become more powerful as they are exposed to more data. This simply helps in understanding that as more attacks take place, these Ai powered tools can predict the severity of the next attack, helping nullify the impact of the next attack. Tech gurus are expecting AI-based cyber security tools to be so advanced in the future that they can prevent and kill the attack in real-time, without any preplanning or pre-information.

  • Fortifying Inner Defense

    There is no doubt that cybersecurity attacks are considered a foreign threat but sometimes security breaches happen from the inside as well. These threats are generally well-planned and more damaging as compared to foreign threats. Apart from this, they are tricky to detect as well because most of the inner threats use legal access. With such a comprehensive plan and legal access, manual threat identification is quite challenging. However, by relying on AI, not only inner defence can be improved but also it can be detected quicker.

  • Secure Endpoints

    Endpoint security is one of the most sought-after cyber security features. Generally, endpoint security requires signature detection helping in neutralizing the threats and blocking any illegal checkout. With AI and machine learning, endpoint security uses algorithms for detecting abnormal behaviours and mutant entries.

Bottom Line

In the era of technology where tech advancement is the only thing, keeping us alive, cybersecurity is the menace. So far, cybersecurity teams have dealt with this efficiency but it is time to upgrade. By using AI-powered cybersecurity tools, threat detection will become easier, quicker, and more precise.

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