You can be the very best version of yourself by recognizing 50 cognitive biases of the modern world in 2022

Despite the fact that we think we know things, there are many cognitive biases that can cause problems. Cognitive biases are widely accepted as part of the human condition.

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The Pomodoro Technique - Why It Works & How To Do It - Productivity Worksheet and Timer with Music in 2022

Are You a Procrastinator ? IS time is your enemy ? Do you always get short of time ? Do you race against time to meet deadlines ? The Pomodoro Technique to transform your lives.

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The Pratfall Effect - Psychological Phenomena, Changing Minds, and the Effects on increasing interpersonal attractiveness in 2022

How making mistakes make you more likeable. When a person makes a mistake or acts in a clumsy way that might even make people laugh, they are found to be more likeable.

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